And So Sean Ruturns…

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Ok so my year has been very busy and i have not had time to update this. But at last summer is coming around so im hoping to get back into the swing of it!! Love to hear from ye:)

New Shoes Animation- Art College Project

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I made this stop motion animation recently in college. Have a look and see what u think. The song in the background should be ‘New Shoes’ By Paolo Nutini but youtube wudnt let me put that on..:(

I Love… DSquared Jacket

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Wow. Three jackets in one!! The price tag of 1664.00 Euro is sounding more and more reasonable by the second.

I Love…….My New Shoes!!

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Got these Nike 6.0’s recently and they are the bomb!! So cool and so comfy!!

Go Buy!!

Friendly Fires-Kiss Of Life

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I only got to see a minute of Friendly Fires play at Oxegen but they sounded good so when I got home i downloaded their song ‘Jump In The Pool’. It has constantly been on my playlist ever since. And the other night Channel 4 did a video exclusive of their new single ‘Kiss Of Life@ which will be released on the 31st of August as far as I know. Have a listen and tell us what you think…

Here is their last years single ‘Jump In The Pool’ from their self titled debut album..

And this is their yet to be released single ‘Kiss Of Life’..

Shakira-She Wolf

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Remember Shakira? Ya I had forgotten aswell… Well anyway shes back and raunchier than ever with a new single “She Wolf”. Its no ‘Hips Don’t Lie’ but its em something alright, ill give her that…. Watch out for her interesting dance moves on the roof..

Incase your interested, here is the spanish version of the song called ‘La Loba’

Beyonce-Sweet Dreams

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I just can’t get enough of herself’s new single “Sweet Dreams”. Im not quite sure what it is that I love about it… Video’s great too. Seems like she hit on a good thing in the ‘Single Ladies’ Video.