AGH!! Youtube Rant!!



Youtube is a great website for watching your favourite music, seeing funny comedy clips, catching up on missed TV etc!! But I recently have come across a very disturbing and upsetting trend on the video sharing website. Every day thousands of videos are posted by people in which they are singing or talking about a topic they are interested in! This is not the problem- Anyone has the right to put up videos of themselve talking about whatever they like . However upon reading some comments beneath such videos, thats when I became very angry!! The personal insults and purely evil comments written by the “invisibe” youtube users were very shocking to me. It disgusts me to think that people can write such hurtful and damaging things about a person they do not even know, just because of their physical appearance, singing voice, or general “unnormalness”. Has this what our world has really come to- Wimps hiding behind their computer screens, mocking and bullying easy targets so that they somehow can feel better about themselves.  It upsets me that there are people around who can say such disrespectful and hurtful things so openly about people they do not even know. In my opinion Youtube should have a much better filtering system for obsene or insulting comments before any permanent damage to vulnerable people is done. I agree that the internest is a very valuable and useful resourse but it sickens me to see the lengths people go to just to put down someone else…whether in real life or on the computer screen!!


~ by slayton491 on May 3, 2009.

4 Responses to “AGH!! Youtube Rant!!”

  1. While in one sense I agree with you, on the other hand fee speech and all that. I find a good few of the commenters are trolls. They will comment all day long, but they wont post anything themselves.

    But in the end, I may not agree with what you have to say, but I will fight to the death to allow you say it.

  2. Ya i suppose your right with the free speech argument. But it just isnt necessary! If you dont have a positive comment to write im my opinion u shouldnt say anything at all!

  3. Thats the other side of it and is more politness more then anything else. Some thing lacking on the internet.

  4. That stuff jsut isn’t worth the time of day at all. Youtube and IMDB comments are just full of inane banter. Not to mention ignorant, idiotic, racist etc. Best to completely ignore.

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