Adrienne Curry-Cycle 1 Winner

Adrienne Curry was the somewhat surprise winner in the low budget first series of ANTM. She hailed from smalltown Joliet, Illinois. She was a highy entertaining and opinionated contestant and showed her dedication by getting over a serious sickness during the show to continue on to win. She was my favorite model from the first series and showed that a great personality is just as important as having the perfect model look.


After the show, Curry publicly criticized Banks and her team by claiming that she had not received all of her prizes and that they had not given her any support or advice after the show. Following this the programme cut all ties with the winner and she was no longer featured in the opening credits along with all the other past winners. She has gone on to a successful modelling and television career, notably appearing on the front cover of Playboy and having her own reality show entitled “My Fair Brady” which charts the life of her and her husband Christopher Knight who played Bobby Brady in “The Brady Bunch”


~ by slayton491 on May 11, 2009.

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