Yoanna House-Cycle 2 (Winner)

Yoanna was the black haired beauty who won ANTM Cycle 2. Preshow she had been a Babysitter and had been quite overwright. But through sheer determination and hard word fueled by ther desire to become a model she slimmed down.

Yoanna was born in 1980 and grew uo in Jacksonville,Florida. Her Father is Canadian and her mother is from Mexico. Throughout her life, she expressed a great interest in the fashion industry. Upon entering the show, each week she grew from strenght to strenght despite her hangups about her physique. In the end it was her stunning editorial photos which won her the coveted prize.


After the show, Yoanna signed with IMG Models and quickly began to make a name for herself in the International fashion industry and booking countless jobs. In 2005 she became the host for the hit US Fashion programme “The Look For Less” and the following year was named the face of “The CW” network.

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~ by slayton491 on May 12, 2009.

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