Blast From The Past- Eiffel 65

Thought of this song today and had to post it in “Blast From The Past”. What a song which deserves to be heard over and over again. Classic! Heres’s “I’m Blue”

Eiffel 65 are a three-piece Italian electronic dance music group formed in the late 1990’s.

See Also: O-Zone-Dragostea Din Tei

~ by slayton491 on May 13, 2009.

4 Responses to “Blast From The Past- Eiffel 65”

  1. did you know they made a horrible hip hop remake of this song? i dunno the name but i heard it on the radio a couple of months ago…


  2. hey:) was it Flo Rida-Sugar by any chance? thanks for the comment-just out of interest how did you find my blog?

    Ill check out yours now:)

  3. Loved this song! Thank for posting, a real blast from the past!

    • No Problem. Thanks for the comment. Comment me if you have any suggestions on songs I could Post

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