Eva Marcille Pigford-Cycle 3(winner)

Eva was the first African American winner of the modeling show and certainly was a very entertaining and memorable contestant throughout. Right from the start Eva confirmed her status as the “Superbitch” of the group, but when she was confronted by Tyra about this she broke down and decided to change her ways. During the cycle she her modeling credentials were doubted due to her lack of height (5 ft 6) but her confident personality and stunning features ultimitely shone through for her to win! In one testing photoshoot she had to overcome her fear of spiders and pose with a Teranchula on her neck.

“This little tomboy from L.A. that has never been beautiful. I was not the cute girl in school. I came here the shortest and the one that had the most insecurities inside of them, and now I’m America’s Next Top Model. And I get to represent all the little girls who feel the way I feel… Watch out world here comes Eva! Ahh!”


After the show she decided to go by the name “Marcille” as opposed to “Pigford”. After showing much acting potential in the course of the show, Eva has gone on to claim many television roles aswell as modelling jobs. She currently plays the role of Tyra Hamilton in the Emmy-winning American soap opera ‘The Young And The Restless”

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