Naima Mora-Cycle 4 Winner

Naima, born in 1984 in Detroit, Michagin was the winner of the fourth cycle of America’s Next Top Model. She pipped blonde beauty Kahlen Rondot at the final hurdle to take the coveted final. She claims to have been a troubled and out of control teenager who found her true self and serenity in the course of the show.

I was forced to look inside Naima and see what it is that makes me me, that makes me beautiful. And — I found it. Part of the reason I felt I had to win this was because I represent something more than myself. I represent a black girl, I represent a Mexican girl. I’m part Irish. I’m everything.

According to Wikipedia:

With her mohawk and introverted personality, Naima was originally thought to be a long-shot to walk away with the title of America’s Next Top Model. Though her earlier photographs were not as strong as runner-up Kahlen Rondot, the judges were blown away by Naima’s final performance on the catwalk. Tyra, in particular, felt that Kahlen was “the girl who did excellent during the semester and kind of failed the final exam,” while Naima was “the girl who did fair during the semester but killed her final exam.

Naima has an Identical twin sister Nia who is a photographer.


Naima has certainly benefited from her ANTM win and has gone on to book countless modeling and television jobs. She appeared in an episide of the hit US detective drama “Veronica Mars” and in a Covergirl commercial alongside fellow ANTM winner Yoanna House. She has done numerous print modeling jobs and fashion shows on the back of her success. Naima is also the vocalist for the unsigned band “Chewing Pics“. Their EP, “Tarantula” was released on March 10, 2008.

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