CariDee English-Cycle 7 Winner

CariDee won the 7th cycle of the popular reality modeling show America’s Next Top Model in 2006 and became the second  winner to hail from North Dakota, following Cycle 5 winner Nicole Linkletter. CariDee had suffered from the debilitating skin condition Psoriasis for 15 years and on the show admitted to having bouts of depression in her past. However, before the show her skin condition cleared up and she was able to persue her dream of becoming a top model. In the cycles acting challenge she won the prize of appearing in the hit US Drama One Tree Hill.

In the course of the show she was praised on her photos and the judges remarked on her striking resembilance to other models Rebecca Romijn and Karolína Kurková. She was a huge personailit in the competition and sometimes that was more trouble than good. When she was doing a bullfight photoshoot in Spain with Nigel Barker she made a crude joke by asking him “Did you just remove that from your ass from the last panel?” in regards to a large stick Barker was holding. However, CariDee has stated that “he actually joked back”, and was never really mad. In panel, she took out a note and apologized to Barker.

CariDee English Cycle &

CariDee English Cycle &

Her outgoing and fun personality was originally admired by the judgung panel but as the show progressed they wondered if her extroverted character was too much for the modeling industry, noting in the final that she was somewhat unpredictable and unstable. However in the final photoshoot she excelled in a dramatic bridal sho and beat fellow blonde Melrose Bickerstaff.

CariDee English

CariDee English

“I won, I won… I, I I did it, I’m a CoverGirl model, I’m going to be on the cover of Seventeen magazine — I’m so excited, you know, my dream was always be a model and to be in the modeling industry… and having psoriasis always prohibited me, I’m America’s Next Top Model baby, yeah!”


Post ANTM CariDee has appeared in numerous photo campaigns and fashion shows. As mentioned before she has appeared in One Tree Hill and also had a short cameo appearance in “Gossip Girl”. She is a campaigner for better animal rights and appeared in a video condemning the seal hunting industry. She is a spokesperson for the National Psoriasis Foundation, spreading awareness about psoriasis and encouraging others to seek treatment.

According to Wikipedia:CariDee says she felt “cursed” with psoriasis when she was young because of the taunts of classmates. Today, her “curse” is her cause. “Psoriasis awareness is very important to me. I want others with the disease to know they are not alone. I want to inspire them to live their dreams,” she said.

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2 Responses to “CariDee English-Cycle 7 Winner”

  1. The first image in the post is great! I can’t remember who took the shot as it has been sometime since she won, but all the same it is a great shot.

    I’ve often wondered exactly how well the competition models go after the show. In Australia, I rarely hear about them ever again.

    I hope that they are getting plenty of work and that they use the experience of America’s Next Top Model to gain more exposure in the industry.

    • Thank you very much for your comment, it is greatly appreciated. ya caridee was a great contestant. I think that the winners do quite well in america but Im not sure if they gain any exposure internationally. I watched the last series of Australia’a Next Top Model and thought that it was great! Alice won didnt she? Thanks for visiting the blog and hope that you will rentur

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