Eurovision Results! Oslo 2010!

So Norway were unsurprisingly runaway winners in last nights song contest and became the most successful eurovision song ever by netting an impresstive tally of 387!! I must admit that it is a very catchy song and probably deserved to win!! They must be delighted in Oslo! Here is the winning performance from Moscow last night:

But enough of that, I’m sure this song is getting more than enough web coverage at the minute. So what about my predictions on the dark horses of the competition. How did they perform on the night and what did the Eurovision viewers and professional juries think of their performances. My tip returned mixed results with some countries doing very well and some desperately under-achieving! Lets take a look!!

1. Iceland: I loved everything about Iceland’s performance last night and it certainly seems like everyone else did too! In a year where jury voting made up 50% of the results and good songs won out (for the most part), Iceland, the Island nation with few neighbours and who are in a economic crisis, finished in 2nd place with 218 points!


2.Germany: Much talk had been heard about Germany’s entry and the cameo appearance by famous Burlesque dancer Dita Von Teese. But a performance that promised so much ultimetly failed to deliver. The song was quite good on the night but I felt that the Von Teese addition was totally uneccessary and was purely a publicity stunt!! They even had her nam up in lights above the stage!! Em isn’t it a song contest?? It seems like many people fethis lt the same and didn’t pick up the phone to vote. A shame as this really was a great song!! 20th place with 35 points!

3. Portugal: Portugal had another great performance on the night and did their nation proud. And for the first quarter of the voting process, their ponts tally certainly reflected this. However, as the evening of voting went on, their votes slowed down and they failed to break into the top ten! 15th place with 57 points!

4. Lithuania: For me, Lithuania’s performance was slightly disappointing last night, perhaps down to nerves due to being he first act of the night. However the song was quite good and certainly they deserved to rank better than 23rd place with 23 points!

5. Armenia: I had high hopes for the sister act of “Inga and Anush” with their very catchy song “Jan Jan”. Their performance was great and the crowd seemed to like it. In the voting they did quite well and in the end ranked in 10th place with 92 points!

So there you have it! My predictions had mixed results which were expected. I am very happy that Iceland did so well and were the second favourite song of the night after the overwhelming favourite, Norway. Well this time next year Ill hopefully do a better job at predicting which underdog will overperform!!


~ by slayton491 on May 17, 2009.

5 Responses to “Eurovision Results! Oslo 2010!”

  1. I’m glad you liked the Icelandic song, but we wouldn’t have been able to host the song contest 2010 because of the economy- everyone was actually hoping we would land second place, so we were happy when it became apparent that Norway would win by a landslide.

    I personally like Finland’s song, even though it did horribly! I was very disappointed because of that, but I’m proud Iceland got second place =)

    Greetings from Iceland

  2. Hey. thank you so much for the comment. Yes I hear that times are quite tough in Iceland at the moment. Hope the situation improves sooner rather than later. Yes Finland’s song was quite good but the eurovision is so unpredictable! Thank you for visiting my blog and I hope that you will return!

  3. You are so right this song should have won. It was by far the best lyrics and it sure did’nt hurt to have such a lovely young lady sing it.What a voice, Proud of you Johanna.. from an Icelander in El Paso TX

  4. Being Norwegian, married to an Icelander, we had a great night yesterday. I agree about what you say about the norwegian song. He is not a great singer. I saw he even said it himself; he described himself as a fiddle player who sings. Rybak’s favourite was Iceland btw. I myself voted for Iceland, but for their sake I’m happy they didn’t win ๐Ÿ™‚

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