Oxegen 2009-Hockey

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So my tent and sleeping bag got waterlogged, I got hardy any sleep and spent copious amounts of money on ridiciously priced food….but besides that Oxegen was brilliant and the music was fantastic. I enjoyed all the obvious headliners which i will hopefully talk about soon. I think however the true essence of music festivals is seeing new acts that you wouldnt normally have heard of and being really impressed.

oxegen 2009

oxegen 2009

For me, the most memorable act was the band with the interesting name “Hockey” who hail from Portland, Oregon. Apparently their sound has been compared to that of “The Strokes”. Maybe, but all I know is that their songs are really really good. Enjoy!!

Yes, theyre really good I Know!!

CLICK HERE to see HOCKEY’s MySpace


Im Back!!

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OK im sorry i havent been writing here for age but i have been very busy this summer…but more importantly im back, back with a vengence!!! Woo let the blogging good times roll!!

Glee-Don’t Stop Believing

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So theres a new Teenage musical drama type thing which premiered in the US a few weeks ago. Oddly enough it is made by the same guys who brought us the brilliant “Nip/Tuck”. That alone should be enough to draw your attention. I just watched the pilot and to be honest it seems really good. It is your normal high school drama but with a twist as it follows the trials and tribulations of the school’s “Glee Club”. Here they are singing Journey’s “Don’t Stop Believing”

And in case your wondering, yes that is Lea Michelle, the origional Wendla in my favourite Musical “Spring Awakening”

Flight Of The Conchords-Sugar Lumps

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The hilarious New Zealand duo are back with their latest offering “Sugar Lumps”. Anyone notice a similarity to Kelis’ “Milkshake??

Whitney Thompson-Cycle 10 Winner

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Whitney Thompson, born in 1987 and hailing from Atlantic Beach, California won Cycle 10 of the popular US modeling reality show “America’s Next Top Model”. She was the first “Plus Size Model” to win the show which was a great achievement considering the fashion industry’s morbid fascination with the “Size Zero” look. At the beginning of the competition she was critizised by some of the judging panel as being ‘too pageant’ and ‘fake’ and landed in the bottom two a total of four times. However she managed to turn things around and narrowly beat Hawaiian beauty Anya Kop.

Whitney Thompson Cycle 10

Whitney Thompson Cycle 10

“I’m here because I do feel good about myself, and I want other women in America to feel better about themselves, I honestly think the girls will look up to me and say I can do that I can be that…I’m America’s next top model!”

Whitney Thompson Music Photoshoot

Whitney Thompson Music Photoshoot


Whitney is now signed to Wilhelmina Models in New York. She was previously with Elite Model Management. She has appeared on the cover of “Seventeen” magazine as part of her ANTM prize but has also appeared in “Intouch Weekly”. In 2008 New York Fashion Week she walked for JCPenney and Saks Fifth Avenue. Following her ANTM success she has also appeared as a model on “The Tyra Banks Show”. She is currently a spokesmodel for ‘Smile-Stylist’ and ‘Right Fit’ and appeared on the MSN list of most influential women of 2008.

Whitney Thompson Cycle 10

Whitney Thompson Cycle 10


Eurovision Memories-Javine

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Javine is an English popstar who narrowly missed out in becoming a member of the sussessful girl group Girls Aloud by finishing 6th in Popstars:The Rivals. Javine represented The United Kingdom in the 2005 Eurovision Song Contest which was held in Kiev, Ukraine with the entry “Touch My Fire”. The song did terribly in the final and finished in a disappointing 22nd plance with a measly 18 points. I personally feel that this song was very strong on the night and deserved to do much better. Judge for yourself….

Saleisha Stowers-Cycle 9 Winner

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Saleisha Stowers from Madera, California won the 9th Cycle of the hit US modeling contest America’s Next Top Model hosted by former supermodel Tyra Banks. In her semi-final audition Tyra revealed that she knoew Saleisha as she had attended Bank’s T-Zone camp to promote self-etreem when she was 14. As a result of this Tyra said that she was going to be extra hard Saleisha. At the start of the competition she was uninspiring and thought by many of the judging panel to be too commercial for high fashion. In the opening weeks she found herself in the bottom 2 on two occasions. However she received a drastic make-over which transformed her to an editorial look and from then on she never looked back. In a tense fashion show in China, Stowers and Chantel Jones stomped to the death and Stowers was announced the winner.

Saleisha Stowers Cycle 9

Saleisha Stowers Cycle 9

I‘ve grown into a strong young woman and I’m so happy with myself right now and the place that I’m at. This is what I’ve dreamed for I fought for this so hard, and I’m so determined,and I have it now, I want it, I want it so bad, and I got it and I’m never letting it go…thank you God… I’m America’s Next Top Model, baby! Aah!

Following her win, much controversy arose after it emerged that Saleisha had previous model experience and had even appeared as a model on the ‘Tyra Banks Show” and in a fashion on cycle 6 of America’s Next Top Model itself. She had also appeared in a “Wendy’s” commerical and had a short appearance on the US Comedy series “Ugly Betty”. The show’s rules state that a contestant must not have appeared as a model in a national advertising campaign during the last five years. The CW said in a statement that Stowers did disclose her participation in the Wendy’s spot, and “after reviewing the commercial, it was determined that her appearance did not amount to “modeling” experience, and therefore did not exclude her from participating in the show”. Several blogs and news outlets have speculated that her past relationship with Banks (her participation in Banks’ T-Zone camp and her past appearances on Tyra’s television shows and her appearance as a model on The Tyra Banks Show and Cycle 6 of America’s Next Top Model), may have influenced the selection of the winner.

Saleisha Stowers Cycle 9

Saleisha Stowers Cycle 9


The controversy surrounding Saleisha Stower’s ANTM win certainly hasn’y held her back in terms of modelling success. She is currently signed to Elite Model Management and L.A. Model Management. Saleisha has currently got a Metro Style campaign with also features ex-Top Model girls Jaslene Gonzalez, Dani Evans and Whitney Thompson. She has appeared in numerous magazine photoshoots including the cover and six-page spread of “Seventeen” Magazine. Her distinguising runway walk has also booked her numerous fashion shows for top designers.

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